We publish contents that you often ask about holding of domestic and international meetings and sports events.

I would like to invite an international conference. What kind of support can I get?

In Nara Visitors Bureau,

  • Advice for attracting, survey
  • Venue suggestions
  • Proposal creation support
  • Acceptance of inspection
  • Accompanying a presentation

We support a series of operations related to attracting international conferences. In addition, we are accepting proposals for venues and inspections at a wide range of international and domestic conferences, sporting events, etc. If you are considering holding, please contact Nara Prefecture Visitors Bureau.

I would like to inspect the venue, how should I do?

Nara Visitors Bureau coordinates and attends the venue and in-house inspection. In addition, we accept inquiries regarding inspection expenses when inviting an organizer from overseas. If you would like to support the inspection, please contact Nara Visitors Bureau.