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  • Japanese Drums

    A Japanese drum performance by ASKA-GUMI . ASKA -GUMI has performed in 21 countries and received rave reviews. Be sure to see this Japanese drum entertainment that has inspired people from all over the world.

  • Gagaku

    Gagaku is the music of the palace. It is the world's oldest orchestrated music that has been passed down to modern times. The performer's colorful costumes and the musical lilt combines to take the listener on a unique cultural experience.

  • Hozoin-Ryu Sojutsu

    Hozoin-ryu Sojutsu is a form of martial arts using the spear that was developed by Buddhist monk named Hozoin Kakuzenbo In-ei from Kofukuji Temple in 16th century. A cross--shaped spear called a "kamayari" is thrust and spun around in various ways making for very interesting viewing. (due to the nature of the show, it can only be performed in a large venue )

  • Shinbukan Sinshouryutodo

    Facing off and pulling out the sword, an exercise called "Shinshouryu Todo" is a chance to feel the spirit of ancient Japanese "Bushido". In a commanding atmosphere, the swing of the sword called "Makiwarakiri" has an overwhelming affect.

  • Shikayose

    The Japanese word "Shika yose" means "calling the deer". Early in the morning a person blows a horn in Nara Park and the deer come running. It is a tradition in the ancient capital of Nara. The sight of a herd of cute deer gathering together is truly a sight worth seeing!

  • Sake tasting and "Kagamibiraki"

    Nara is known as the birthplace of refined sake. "Kagamibiraki" or opening the barrel is an irreplaceable part of a Sake tasting of local sake. Both are very popular.

  • High speed mochi (rice cake) pounding

    Nakatanido mochi pounding has been highlighted by several media outlets. The artisans work together with impeccable timing and speed as they pound the sticky rice. The freshly pounded rice cakes are served.

  • Flute

    Amateur flutists from all over Nara gather and give concerts for charity at disaster relief sites and also by request. The music spans the spectrum from classic to pops.

  • craft beer

    From ones that satiate your thirst and indulge the senses on a parched summer day, to beer that thaws the cold of winter nights and warms your heart with every rich sip. We brew more than 20 types of beer annually so that we can propose various beers according to the season.

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Example of an excursion course

  • Visit the holy mountains that have continued to impress since ancient times
  • Visit places people have always wanted to go, Hase, Muro and a sake breweries
  • Visit a World Heritage, Horyuji and Tea ceremony exoerience at Jiko. (Jikoin)
  • Premium walking tour in Nara Machi
  • Experience Japanese culture ( Sumo wrestling and Japanese sake )
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